Lectrum 2001 Lectern

Constructed of a custom aluminium frame with a dress panel that’s available in a variety of colours, the Lectrum 2001 is a modern design to suit a multitude of venues.

A microphone and low voltage power cable are hidden within the leg, and a built in document shield with a concealed, 150mm halogen gooseneck reading light, allow users to see their notes easily.

The Lectrum 2001 features dual XLR microphone inputs, ideal for use with condenser microphones.

Customised logos are available to decorate the front panel.





  • Custom aluminium frame
  • Fabric dress panel available in a variety of colours
  • Microphone and low voltage power cable hidden within the leg
  • Document shield
  • 150mm halogen gooseneck reading light
  • Dual XLR microphone inputs


  • Cable Management
  • Logo
  • Lectern Cover
  • Side shelf